Peer-to-Peer Experience

This is you

An accomplished business leader committed to better. 
Better results from yourself. 
Better results from your team. 
Better results from your business. 

You are prepared to invest your time in projects that offer tangible value from the start. 
You recognise the power of seeing things differently and unlocking collective genius.
​You respect, or maybe even demand, authenticity from those whose services you choose to engage.  

The business you are a part of is growing. 
And with growth comes change. 
And with change come repercussions. 
You'd appreciate access to a room full of your peers so that together you can explore ways to handle the changes that move a business forward. 

You're curious to experience the transformation that comes about through peer-to-peer leadership coaching and are keen to meet new people, learn cutting-edge strategies and learn to trust the collective wisdom of the group.

About our Business Leadership Forums

Essence of Leadership (EOL) runs eight Cross-Industry Peer-to-Peer Leadership Coaching Forums catering for different types of business leader: 

  • CEOs/MDs 

  • Senior managers 

  • Business owners

"Transformational" is the most common word our business leaders use to describe these events with more than 80% of forum participants in their 2nd and 3rd year. ​

About the Forum:


Each of the eight online Peer to Peer Leadership forums run for 3 hours from 9am to 12pm. We have a 10minute break at the end of each hour.


They run approximately every 4 to 6 weeks depending on members calendar schedules.

We will discuss during a 15-minute call which forum is right for you and the potential dates in 2021 on which you might attend. 

A day of peer-to-peer coaching is...

It makes use of the shared insights, wisdom and strengths of each team member so that everyone is empowered to solve problems.
Peer-to-peer coaching moves away for the habitual tendency to opt for quick-fix solutions to a method of enquiry that involves lateral thinking, use of head, heart and gut reactions.
The participants trust that the process of enquiry and interaction brings insights and learning.
It is a learning-by-doing approach that quickly converts insights and learning into focused planning, goal-setting and measurable outcomes.
It presents leaders and team members with alternative perspectives that create opportunities for new practices, attitudes and actions to emerge.
It is supportive and validating for all participants. In recognising a commonality in the issues presented. Each person is enabled to access his or her own resources and wisdom.
It is a practical and experiential process where leaders and team members learn new coaching skills that will support them to empower others throughout the organisation.
It is inspiring and exciting as leaders and team members discover new horizons together.
People feel their wisdom is being heard and their strengths are being appreciated and put to use.

Peer-to-peer leadership coaching has challenged my approach to decision making. Getting many different perspectives might seem time-consuming but it has improved the team’s ability to get more creative and effective solutions to many of the entrenched cultural problems we were trying to solve. 
It encourages others to be more forthcoming with their views. This has improved our motivation and commitment to the achievement of agreed goals. I have observed a more energised and engaged team since utilising this approach. 


Peer-to-peer coaching is helping us have more honest and open conversations, which leads to greater clarity around issues. This in turn binds the team in a way that leads to greater action and the implementation of decisions.



Stepping out of the operational issues that consume time and energy gives the team more time to reflect. It also leads to more direct conversations as well as improving self-awareness around how we each contribute to both the problems and the solutions.


The trust created helps team members get to the core of an issue quicker.  This helps the management team and direct reports handle greater volumes of output with a reduced cost.  As a result sales and profit have improved much more than expected. 



Discovery Call with Kevin Fahey

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