Why more and more...


We have the know-how you need.

Sometimes it takes the view of someone slightly outside the issue, but who understands the ecosystem of the company, to throw light on a problem. This is the benefit of collective wisdom, a principle at the heart of peer-to-peer coaching.


It transforms an organisation

With peer-to-peer coaching within the organisation, nothing is lost in translation because everybody experiences it together and it becomes part of the culture, not just a training exercise.

It engenders trust 

It’s rare to have complete trust between members of a senior management team; peer-to-peer coaching builds trust quickly because it only works when each participant feels safe to expose him or herself. The process of sharing the challenges and contribution to long-term solutions builds and re-enforces this safety and trust.

It is bigger than the sum of its parts

Sometimes in the early days of peer-to-peer coaching sessions, team members may feel the need to bring solutions into the room. The value of peer-to-peer coaching is that all team members together take responsibility for the process of enquiry and learning that emerges. developing their own leadership and coaching skills. This allows the designated leader more time to focus on other valuable projects.

It’s confidential

The sessions are in-house, which immediately cuts out the possibility of reputational damage or sensitive information being leaked. In addition, confidentially within the group is assured. This allows each person there to take off the mask of competence that we all habitually wear. With the masks down we can have fully honest conversations that respect and support each member’s innate capacity to further evolve and grow as a leader and a person.

It’s a supportive environment

Change can be challenging. In-house peer-to-peer coaching creates a supportive environment that facilitates culture change and leadership development.