We help people to be whole human beings with a sense of wellbeing and excitement about their work. We set them off on a collaborative journey that creates organisations that inspire people to be the best they can be.  We believe organisations that support people in this way , to be the best organisations in the world.   Bringing the soul back into business, Frederik Lalou, author of Reinventing Organisations


Kevin is the founder of Essence of Leadership.


He empowers management teams and groups of business leaders to develop new perspectives and to change how they think, experience and act in difficult situations. 

Kevin’s engagement style is to build the trust needed to enable an open and honest exchange of views. His approach is to facilitate participants to tap into their own wisdom so that they re-interpret difficult situations to gain new approaches to solving entrenched organisational problems. 

At eight locations spread across Leinster and the Midlands, he helps approximately 90 business leaders notice, frame and co-create the solutions they have within them – these are his peer-to-peer leadership coaching forums. He uses the same approach and techniques to coach in-house management teams.

Kevin studied and worked in the US, the UK and Ireland.  He has been managing director and general manager of a number of medium and large companies in manufacturing and distribution. 

He has completed diplomas in Personal Construct Psychology, Business Counselling with Durham University and Process Oriented Psychology; He is currently completing a Masters in Conflict Facilitation and Organisational Change in Portland Oregon.


He has lectured on Industrial Engineering and Management Development

at Athlone IT.


The peer-to-peer approach has an application beyond organisations. I believe it could influence how happy and fulfilled people feel in every aspect of their lives. I believe that the peer-to-peer approach could translate well into the world of politics and in so doing help solve some of the entrenched issues in society. People would work together rather than pull each other down. Imagine the difference a collaborative approach would have on tackling environmental problems, for example.


People have an unlimited capacity to achieve so much more than they’re currently achieving. My motivation comes from seeing people blossom into what they are truly capable of. 


My vision for the workplace is that people enjoy coming to work. They feel valued. They feel that it is their organisation, that they’re working for something they really believe in. That is the source of their motivation.

Brid Commins, MA, HDE

Brid is an experienced psychotherapist and coach who has worked with leadership teams and organisations in Ireland, England, Poland, Germany, Nigeria and India. Brid specialises in Process Work and is a co-founder of Process Work Ireland.  Process Work is an innovative approach to individual and group change which has far-reaching applications in businesses and organisations, even world conflicts.


With Kevin Fahey, Brid integrates a Process model of organisational and leadership development with peer-to-peer coaching.  Brid believes in a consultative, collaborative team approach that fosters a sharing of responsibility, a sense of wellbeing, self-directed motivation and full engagement from all involved.


Brid believes that when individuals feel valued, respected, engaged in decision-making processes, and supported and empowered to take leadership, they reach their fullest potential thereby enabling both the individual and the organisation to achieve their vision and goals. 


Brid is a graduate of Trinity College Dublin and NUI Maynooth. She developed and successfully managed her own business, Comann Leadership Growth, dedicated to leadership and organisational development. 


A workplace where people are engaged together, enjoying that engagement, teasing out issues, being free and open to express their feelings, their ideas and their creativity with the support and respect of every team member.


As a result, people feel well, alive and want to contribute.  People feel valued and that they are not on their own.  This allows them to reach their fullest potential.  There is a real sense of satisfaction and fulfilment.


Organisations believe that they are on the path to achieving their goals when people feel engaged, empowered, respected and absolutely love what they are doing.


Organisations will contribute to creating an environment that empowers and respects every individual, where progress and profit are achieved without the draining of resources, be they human or the earth's.  A workplace that becomes a microcosm of a better and more equitable world for all. 

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What other people say about P2P

Peer-to-peer leadership coaching has challenged my approach to decision making. Getting many different perspectives might seem time-consuming but it has improved the team’s ability to get more creative and effective solutions to many of the entrenched cultural problems we were trying to solve.


It encourages others to be more forthcoming with their views. This has improved our motivation and commitment to the achievement of agreed goals. I have observed a more energized and engaged team since utilizing this approach. 


Peer-to-peer coaching is helping us have more honest and open conversations, which leads to greater clarity around issues. This in-turn binds the team in a way that leads to greater action and the implementation of decisions.



Stepping out of the operational issues that consume time and energy gives the team more time to reflect. It also leads to more direct conversations as well as improving self-awareness around how we each contribute to both the problems and the solutions.


The trust created helps team members get to the core of an issue quicker.  This helps the management team and direct reports handle greater volumes of output with a reduced cost.  As a result sales and profit have improved much more than expected.